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This article was an absolute roller coaster! I came in thinking mostly about the brand, which I guess already kind of proves the whole point of the video, but what people don’t really think of sometimes is that there are people behind these ideas. I mean there are obviously people involved but do you think of a room full of people with suits with graphs on easels pointing out things about the fiscal quarter or someone like Kate Santore sitting there thinking how are we going to tell a story? I think you can tell which one I thought of (hint: longer thought)

A Coke that I found with my name on it…..weird!

“Can I tell this story without Coca-Cola?” – Kate Santore

I think that this can be adopted by any type of branding or storytelling. Is my part of this story relevant to what is trying to be said? I think the answer, to me anyway, would most likely just have to be a yes. I think that it’s the adaptability or the “yes” to the question, will make you survive the longest. Also, just including a “what-if” scenario into your life, you already are looking at things from a different direction. Asking what if before you start to think about situations will get your mind running and most likely in a creative and productive mindset.

What if the possibilities were endless?

There’s always a silver lining to a situation that can be thought of in times and the “What if” question to begin it is almost always necessary to stay focused and inspired.

Sometimes inspiration can come from a myriad of places.

In this instance, it was from an interview and video talking about Coca-Cola and it’s marketing strategy. If you would like to read this, follow the link provided and be sure to find some inspiration in it.

Go Behind the Scenes of Coca-Cola’s Storytelling


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