So, here’s the thing. Consumers need us to tell them: What they want, why they want it. Whether it’s car insurance or a set of spoons they need us as marketers to show them the value. There are multiple different ways to portray that to consumer’s but it’s always important to know what really goes into it. Here’s a little something I whipped up for just this occasion, I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to tip your waiter.

Information overload?

Well, that sure was something wasn’t it? I hope that with that information you can go forward and have a working knowledge or at least plenty of definitions when it comes to what goes into comprehension in marketing.

This is my challenge to you!

Keep an eye out for an ad when you’re doing something like watching television, browsing a website or even scrolling social media. Examine the ad. What are you taking from the ad? Is it right in your face? How is it being marketed to you? Is it being brought to you by something or someone familiar? Just take a step back and really look at the ad for a second and see if you can distinguish the marketer’s tone or intentions beyond just selling you something. It may or may not change your viewing habits from now on.

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