Cat dad.


Here it is, the moment that everyone has been waiting for…

My name is Derrick Harkness. It’s nice to meet you, why don’t you sit down and have a chat. Here’s a little about me:

I began my current journey into continuing my education after my life got flipped on its head. I was committed to my dead-end job, working 50+ hours a week, not making good money per se but I was making money. After giving my all, they fired me. They told me that I wasn’t worth their time and that I wasn’t going to amount to anything more in my life. I believed them. It took weeks, months to shake that feeling. When one day I woke up and thought that no matter what happened since they let me go, the sun always came up. The days slowly started meaning more and more to me. I built up enough confidence that I enrolled myself in school and took a chance to show myself that I was going to do something with my life. I enrolled at Western Technical College in the Digital Marketing program and I am in love with not only the ideas of marketing but the stories that are behind them.


My life has changed a lot as of late, I recently became an actual father to a real human being! I’m no longer just a cat dad! I’m focused now to complete my education for him and find myself a career that is fulfilling and something he can be proud of! I’m committed to proving to not only myself but my son that even if your past wasn’t so easy, you’re able to do anything.

This blog will hopefully be a vehicle for my creativity as a writer, and I hope you enjoy your ride and don’t forget to tip your driver.