Since the year is heading out of the frigid months and into the balmy months, and I haven’t talked to myself on here in a while, I figured why not?

This year has been weird. I went from being hopeless and not wanting to do anything with my life to it quickly becoming the best year of my life. What’s made it so good? Changes. Changes that may or may not have been foreseen. Honestly, I am super hyped about the direction that my life is going to be taking fairly soon.

Should I elaborate? Well, I want to but I can’t right now.

What I do want to make sure of is that you’re all ready for this. I’m going to take the next step. I’m going to change for the better. I’m making my change starting…wait for it…wwwaaaaiiiiitttt…Nnnnnot now…NOW! Right here, right now. I’ve had enough of this “Wait and see” approach that I’ve lived with my adult life. The horns are within my grasp, the bull isn’t watching, I’m going to grab them. I will be better. I am better. It’s happening.

You’ll see.