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I’ve been playing close attention lately to people who do marketing in some way or another for their jobs. Be it people who make videos on YouTube or people who work for businesses as marketing reps. I’ve been realizing that marketing is a huge part of a lot of things that I didn’t think of before. When I was having a conversation with my musically talented friend the other day, he was saying that he doesn’t want to go to school for something like marketing because there is no such thing as “The world’s best marketer.” I had to stop him before he got too far, I explained to him that in the position that he was in, that he was thinking about marketing all wrong. He thought that marketers made slogans and tag lines or something. I had to tell him that him being an artist is a marketer himself. He has to go out and not just let his music and his talent speak for itself, he had to go tell everyone why he was good. I told him that you hear of people like top YouTubers, and other internet personalities, and you don’t automatically think that they’re marketers but they are. Maybe not in the traditional sense of things, they aren’t going out and making advertisements on billboards or print but they are supporting their craft and what they do by getting their names out there. Like a marketer. I know that some people have feelings about it, but I think that YouTubers are the luckiest bunch of people out there. They get to do what they want for a living and they get a free education in marketing. Lucky.