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Get CREATIVE in 2018

This is my friend and co-worker Ryan he is an excellent self-taught musician and an awesome guy! I have been talking with him lately on getting his music out there and into people’s lives. He is all for getting his passion out there and it is actually very, very refreshing hearing someone talk about their passion like he does. He has been living creatively through his music for the last few years and he is exactly the type of person I would want to associate my brand with. In the following few days, we’re going to be setting up his Twitch account so he can play his music live to an audience. Also, I’m going to see his thoughts on other things such as YouTube, live streaming some of his shows on Facebook, pretty much just getting his voice out there. So, without any further interruptions, here he is covering the song “Between Two Worlds” by nevershoutnever


Ryan has been hard at work, writing for his new album. So far he is finishing up his 10th song and is going to start recording very soon. In this endeavor of building his brand and his musical career, we’ve decided to join forces. With his talent and my uhhh “character” we are hoping to make 2019 our year. 2018 saw the birth of our creative experiences and processes and 2019 is going to be even bigger. In the past few days, we’ve designed him a new logo, we’ve begun recording his first songs and we’ve taken steps to become more socially connected. I included his links below for Twitter and Twitch please if you will, follow him and keep up to date with what’s happening. Stay creative. Stay hungry.

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The man in the mirror. My reflection about my presentation

So I presented the website. Cool, right? Well, not exactly. I was really confident in my website when I made it, honestly, I thought it would be a very good one. And then I saw everyone else’s websites and man, like I said in my presentation, mine looked like a MySpace page compared to some peoples! I know that it is my first attempt at doing anything like this but JEEEEZZZ! calm down everyone else you’re making me look bad. It wasn’t that hard, but still.